A Moment for the Philippines

XOXO Entertainment/Universal recording artist, Elise Estrada is rallying Canadians to support Philippine typhoon relief through her new single, “All It Takes Is A Moment”, now available on iTunes for 99 cents. 100 per cent of the proceeds from music sales will directly benefit relief efforts via Rose Charities Canada, a registered non-profit organization, which is providing medical assistance, food, water and shelter supplies to Typhoon Haiyan disaster victims.

“It breaks my heart hearing stories about people who’ve been devastated by the typhoon, who have lost family members, their homes and their livelihoods,” says Estrada. “Creating music to raise money is the best way I know how to help those affected by Typhoon Haiyan.”

Estrada, who was born in the Philippines and moved to Canada when she was four-years-old, has family members and friends living in the Philippines who were impacted by the typhoon. 11 cousins of Elise all lost their homes to Typhoon Haiyan and while her family was fortunate enough to escape with their lives, sadly thousands weren’t so lucky.

Estrada’s compassion had caught the attention of the corporate community with DDB Canada being the first supporter of the fundraising effort.

“I was inspired by Elise’s commitment to get involved in the relief efforts in some way,” says Frank Palmer, chairman and CEO, DDB Canada. “So I encouraged her to follow her passion in order to make a difference and offered to have DDB Canada help her spread the news.”

“All it Takes Is A Moment” is a pop ballad with a purpose. It was written to evoke emotion in listeners to encourage people to help those in need. The lyrics in Estrada’s song reflects that while life can change in a moment, it also only takes a moment to make a positive change.

“My hope is that Canadians from coast to coast will get behind the message of this song so together we can give hope to those who need it most right now,” says Estrada.

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