About XOXO

With hits around the world, XOXO is so much more than a traditional Record Label. Vertically integrated within a plethora of streams, XOXO is infamous for paving the way to create innovative ways for our Artists, clients, and company to monetize far beyond the music. Everything starts with a hit song, however once our songs climb up the charts, we are always poised for multiple synergistic partnerships and endorsements that reach far beyond the entertainment world. It is this forward-thinking mentality that keeps XOXO one of the most respected companies in the world.

Born out of necessity, our President, Adam H. Hurstfield, launched XOXO to reinvent the wheel of an ever-changing industry. With the help of Believe Music, XOXO was created as a “think outside of the box” cutting edge hit factory.

With mega-hits around the world, Adam H. Hurstfield’s credits include; Ray J, Ne-Yo, Elise Estrada, George Clinton, Loverboy, Def Leppard, DJ Khaled, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, T-Pain, & Rick Ross. As well, Adam H. has written and/or Produced for many international superstars including Girls Generation, Super Junior, BoA, Ly Hyori, TVXQ, Mihiro, Ayda Jebat, James Reid, & Sarah Geronimo, for which they landed as the #1 record of the year in SE Asia and has gone on to win 17+ Awards around the world including Asia’s Grammy equivalent for “Album Of The Year”.

With feet on the ground in several countries around the world, Adam H. Hurstfield was one of the first international Producers to land in Korea and predict the enormity of Kpop’s potential, which now leads the world in music trends and success. Originally teaming up with SM Entertainment for music, and CJ Entertainment on the film side, Adam H. Hurstfield’s vision has always had a knack for pioneering emerging markets. It is this instinctual belief system that has found XOXO teaming up with many of the largest Record Labels and Entertainment conglomerates in the world, including eOne which was recently purchased by Hasbro for US$4 Billion Dollars, as well as the powerhouse Viva Records in The Philippines, which has become a multi-billion dollar private company with tentacles across music, management, film, television, radio, and now food & beverage.

XOXO’s mantra is all about collaboration, innovation, and globalization, and with a keen eye on continuous new initiatives, XOXO thrives on challenge. From inception to success, XOXO has grown from a boutique Universal Music distributed Record Label, to Film, Television and beyond, all the while staying true to our core values of kindness, family, and a deep love for the music.

Contact Us

For demo submissions and business inquiries, please email us at [email protected]. Please do not attach MP3’s and larger files. We only accept Youtube, Spotify, Personal Website, and Soundcloud links, that are easily streamable. 

Due to the high volume of submissions, please understand that we may not reply to all unsolicited material. Thank you!

– Team XOXO