Orlando Calzada

Orlando Calzada was born and raised in San Juan Puerto Rico, where he developed as a musician, composer and recording engineer. He has worked with many different artists, among them: 33DC; Jerry Rivera; Domingo Quinones; Zona Roja; Rene Gonzalez; Zafra Negra; Charlie Hernandez; Brian Duncan; Lucesita Benitez and Edwin Cotto.

Orlando Calzada is a graduate from Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts in Florida. In 1998 Orlando moved to Atlanta, Georgia were he has worked with artists and producers such as: Virtue; TLC; 3LW; Tina Novak; B2K; Monica; Deleon; Rossete; Billy Crawford

and Mya. His talents and dedication as a recording engineer lead to a Grammy Award in 2001 from the album’s title song “Survivor”, by Destiny’s Child.

Later Orlando moved to New York City to work with the renowned Producer Cory Rooney. Alongside Cory Rooney, Orlando has participated on projects for Jessica Simpson, Christina Milian, Rissi Palmer, Jenifer Lopes and Thalia. Orlando has worked as Chief of Engineer, Audio Engineer and Audio Production Manager for Spere- Rec. /Arista & She-kspere Productions, Mark Cory Rooney, E1212, Play Bach and Crawford Communications, among others.

Orlando has worked Producing and Mixing songs for artists like RBD, Kat the Luna, Lady Gaga, Tami Chynn, Menudo, Melanie Iglesias, Maite Perroni, Cristofer Ukerman, Pewee, Lords Of The South ( L.O.S.), JLS, Elise Estrada, Zander Bleck, One direction and many others.

In 2011 he worked as FOH for American singer-songwriter – Prince Royce

In 2012 he had worked as Monitor Engineer for Metamorfosis world tour by Guatemalan singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona.