Elise Estrada
Since the age of 4 this former “Miss Vancouver Princess” has been working diligently towards her dream in the music industry. Born July 30th, 1987, Elise Estrada has continuously defied the odds climbing the charts of success.

After a series of accolades, including winning an International “American Idol” – like television singing competition in Canada…

Hey Bombshell
Like a lightning bolt on the scene, HEY BOMBSHELL arrives with their official debut single “THE SINGLE LIFE”; an infectious track about life after a break up through the eyes of a hip, heart broken, party animal!

Formerly “For The Weekend”; HEY BOMBSHELL has had and impressive start with a TV Series under their belt, co-starring on the MuchMusic hit TV show “Discovered” this season.

Press play and it won’t take long to get the debut single “Second Chances”, from Canadian Artist CELEB stuck in your head. Wrapped up in an infectious groove with big power hooks, “Second Chances” is a song that every girl can melt over and every guy can relate to.

Lyrically CELEB speaks about the life of a typical male falling for temptation and realizing no matter where he looks, the best girl has been right in front of him…