XOXO Entertainment Corp.
Record label, distribution, music and film production company.

A versatile and unstoppable force in today’s entertainment business, XOXO Entertainment Corp. (an imprint of Universal Music Canada) has introduced a modernized concept to the music industry. Supporting emerging artists, and continuously working to “Break” new talent, the company represents its founder “Adam H.” by proving to be both innovative and progressive.

Adam H.

Adam H. Hurstfield has been a leading presence in the music industry for the past twenty years running. He is a visionary staying ahead of the curve by leading trends in today’s music industry. Adam H. co-founded the hit record label RockSTAR Music Corp., which had an imprint label partnership with Universal Music Canada. With great anticipation Adam has now launched his new record label and TV/Film production company XOXO Entertainment Corp. He proudly supports emerging artists, and breaking new talent by taking part in numerous initiatives locally and internationally. Through his determination and know-how, Adam H. time and time again produces results. Between the perpetual string of hit songs, his techniques in marketing and managing new stars, to producing and scoring TV and Film; one thing is for certain, Adam H. is an unstoppable force in today’s entertainment business.